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  • Published on May 22, 2015
    Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer!

    The holiday weekend is filled with tradition for most families - camping, boating, fishing, BBQs, gardening, picnics, watching the Indianapolis 500  on TV to name a few. It’s the beginning of summer!

    But Memorial Day is something more. Memorial Day is a day set as a reminder that freedom is not free. Many brave men and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy the freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion and the right to bear arms, among other freedoms we enjoy daily.

    What exactly is the meaning and history of Memorial Day? Where did the Memorial Day come from?

    Memorial Day History – according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac

    “The custom of honoring ancestors by cleaning cemeteries and decorating graves is an ancient and worldwide tradition, but the specific origin of Memorial Day, or Decoration Day as it was first known, are unclear.

    In early rural America, this duty was usually performed in late summer and was an occasion for family reunions and picnics. After the Civil War, America's need for a secular, patriotic ceremony to honor its military dead became prominent, as monuments to fallen soldiers were erected and dedicated, and ceremonies centering on the decoration of soldiers' graves were held in towns and cities throughout the nation.

    After World War I, the day expanded to honor those who have died in all America wars.

    No less than 25 places have been named in connection with the origin of Memorial Day, and states observed the holiday on different dates. In 1971, Memorial Day became a national holiday by an act of Congress; it is now celebrated on the last Monday in May.”

    Take a moment this Monday to say thanks to those that have given all. Just for a minute, turn off the television, put down the suntan oil and stop the boat, close the lid to the BBQ (, put down your frosty beverage and say thank you. Without the bravery and courage these young men and women provided to our country, we might not have what we have today.

    Or if you are in the area, you can attend the following events:

    WA State Veterans Cemetery Memorial Day Ceremony, May 25, 2015 at 11:00 AM – 12 PM PDT at the Washington State Veterans Cemetery, 21702 West Espanola Road, Medical Lake WA 99022. Admission is Free.   

    Battle of Deep Creek - Hear the crash and boom of the artillery. Feel the weight of the rifles and packs that the soldiers carried. Meet the fine ladies in their gorgeous dresses. Watch as battles are reenacted, and honor the 700,000 men who fell. May 23 – May 25 at Deep Creek Farms, Medical Lake WA from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Detailed information is available by clicking here. Memorial Special services are scheduled for Monday.

    In the Lewiston area, ther is a Memorial Day Ceremony at the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery at 10:00 AM on May 25, 2015. The information is listed on the Idaho State Veterans Home Lewiston Facebook page.

    If you know of more, please post them here!

    Have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend, and remember - All Gave Some, Some Gave All.....

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