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  • Published on Feb 19, 2015

    What to Do After you Buy?

    So you just bought your brand new RV! It's all yours to take home and enjoy wherever you may like! But your RV buying experience shouldn't stop after you leave the dealership. There are still a few critical steps you need to take before you can really relax and take in the fact that you are an RV owner!

    Here are five things every new RV owner should do right after they buy an RV!

    1. Register Your RV

    In Washington, registering your RV is very similar to how you would register a car. Visit your local DOL office and you will submit your documents forms, etc. If you bought your RV from a dealership, they should be able to tell you what all you will need to get your RV registered down at your local office.

    Here are just some of the fees you may be asked to pay depending on circumstances:

    • $5 registration service fee
    • $12 title service fee
    • Inspection fees
    • Regional Transportation Authority tax (only for the counties of Pierce, King, and Snohomish).

    Registering your RV may be a hassle, but it something that needs to be done to insure that you are legally allowed on the road with one. Get this done right away.

    2. City Regulations for Storage

    So you have an RV, but you aren't going to use it every day like you would a car, so where do you keep it? There are several options on where to store RVs, so decide which one is best for you!

    • RV Storage Facility
      There are plenty of RV storage facilities around that offer outdoor uncovered spaces or even full enclosed, lighted garages with power outlets. Check with your facility on pricing, security and more details
    • On Your Property
      The easiest option is to store your RV on your property, but unfortunately that is not always legal. You need to check with your city and sometimes neighborhood regulations to see if you can store your RV on your property. 
    • Garage or Shed
      If you are storing your RV in your garage or shed, make sure you can maneuver your RV out of it. If you think it will be difficult to get in and out, look for another option.

    3. Check to Make Sure There Are No Surprises

    This is especially true if you are buying used. Sometimes you can get in your RV a month or two after you bought it and discover issues that you weren't aware of, and then headaches can happen. Make sure right away you inspect and check your RV for any flaws so you can address them with the seller in a timely manner. If you buy new, usually there are warranties that cover minor damage and repair.

    4. Clean 

    Again this is mainly for used RV units. Cleaning your RV is not only a great way to start your owning process, it can also be a good way to inspect things and make sure everything is running smoothly. Get inside your RV and dust and clean major areas, taking notes of areas that might need more work than others. Once you are done cleaning, get a schedule for cleaning your RV on a regular basis. A clean RV goes a long way in making your owning experience easier.

    5. Test Run

    Take your RV out for a test run! Driving an RV is a challenge and may take a lot of practice for some. Take a simulated trip somewhere to get used to driving, hitching and unhitching your unit. RVing mistakes are most common with new RV owners who aren't used to hitching and driving an RV properly. The more practice you can get doing basic RV tasks, the more fun you will have and less money it will cost you!

    R'nR RV Center

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