Applicant Certification of Capability


Please read the job information below. Complete the questions and certifications that follow. You are NOT asked to say if you are disabled or if you need accommodation to perform this job.

The MINIMUM requirements any applicant must meet are:

Work an 8-hour shift; show up on time, every time, ready for work; no excessive absences; pleasant and professional personality, professional grooming, hygiene, and appearance; able to work well with others; no visible body piercing jewelry on men or women (earrings allowed on women); excellent driving and background record. Non-smokers preferred. MUST be customer oriented, attention to details, quick learner.

Preferred Qualifications include:

Previous experience in job for which you are applying as explained in the job description.

Physical Abilities and Environmental Exposures:

Included, but not limited to the qualifications stated in the job description.

  1. Do you meet the MINIMUM requirements above? ____Yes____No

If you answered NO, which requirements are you not able to perform?

  1. Are you able to perform other work as described? ____Yes ____No

If you answered NO, which are you not able to perform?

  1. Certifications:

I hereby affirm and state that I have read or otherwise become familiar with the Application Procedures, Minimum Requirements, Preferred Qualifications, Physical Abilities and Environmental Exposures as the duties of the above job for which I am applying.

I certify that my answers above are true.

I understand that the employer has the right to establish job-related qualification standards,  including education, skills, work       experience, and physical and mental standards necessary for job performance, health and safety, and to hire the best qualified person for the job.

The EEOC Enforcement Guidance on Pre-Employment inquiries under the ADA expressly permits employers:
To ask if applicants can perform (with or without accommodation) any or all job functions and to describe or demonstrate such ability.
To ask if applicants need any reasonable accommodation to go through the selection process.
To ask for reasonable documentation of disability when considering such accommodation.
To ask whether and what type of reasonable accommodation may be needed to perform essential job functions if the employer reasonably believes accommodation may be needed because of an obvious disability or one disclosed voluntarily by applicant.
--- US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, October 1995

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