Applicant Release and Waiver for Previous Employers


For Previous Employer Background and Reference Checks

Please print this and have your previous employer complete this if you are offered or accept employment with RNR RV Holiday Inc.

TO: (Previous Employer) ________________________________________________

I have been offered or have accepted employment with: R‘nR Holiday RV Inc., (dba R’nR RV Center), 23203 E Knox Avenue, Liberty Lake WA 99019, (Corporate Headquarters). (509) 927-9000.

I recognize that employers have rights and even obligations to do thorough background checks on applicants and employees.

I understand that R’nR Holiday RV Inc. needs to conduct a complete investigation of my experience and personal background, including employment and education record, criminal record if any, credit record, business or self-employment, or any other aspect of my background into which the employer may legally inquire to evaluate my qualifications and suitability for employment. I fully agree with, encourage, and authorize this investigation.

R’nR Holiday RV Inc. agrees to keep this information strictly confidential, sharing it only with management persons involved in the employment decision.

I authorize you, ___________________________________________, as my previous employer, to report to R’nR Holiday RV Inc. all facts of my previous employment including but not limited to dates, compensation, job titles, duties, attendance, safety and accident record, conduct and performance, reason for leaving, and your opinion as to my qualifications and suitability for the employment which I have been offered.

In consideration of your assistance in this authorization, and for your cooperation in supplying the requested information, I hereby release, absolve, waive, forgive, acquit and forever discharge and hold harmless, and promise not to claim any damages of any kind from you for any reason at any time, my previous employer ______________________________________________________, its directors, officers, agents, managers, employees, or successors thereof.



___________________________________________ ________________________________________

Applicant’s Full Name (PRINT)                                     Witness Signature

___________________________________________ _________________________________________

Applicant’s Signature                                                     Witness Date


Applicant Date Signed and Pledged


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